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Vehicle/Boat Maintenance


Malco Brake Off™ Non-Acid Wheel Cleaner - Gal.

Removes brake dust, road film and dirt from aluminum and light alloy wheels. Powerful non-acid, alkaline cleaner.  4/cs
Alternate #119401

Malco Perfect 10™ Release Agent & Condition Spray

Special blend of silicones and fast-drying solvents make treatment of surfaces fast and easy. Super-fine mist coats and surfaces evenly without sticky buildups.  12/cs
Alternate #114520

Malco Tru-Grit™ Cutting Crème - 32 oz.

Contains special abrasives that provide the broadest buffing capability with minimal swirls. Silicone Free.  12/cs
Alternate #120032

Kamo Instant Spray On Tire Cleaner - Qt.

This product needs no agitation, and only slight rubbing to remove the most stubborn stains. Non-flammable, contains no hard abrasives, non-corrosive.  12/cs
Alternate #8565

Kamo Renew Vinyl Dressing - Qt.

A water base, silicone emulsion that protects vinyl, leather, rubber, sealed wood and plastic against sun rays which dry out and crack, harden and fade material. Makes surfaces anti-static to repel dust and dirt. Leaves a high glossy shine.  12/cs
Alternate #8566